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Character: Auron
Series: Final Fantasy X
Version: Post-Game
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Appearance: Auron cuts an imposing figure; he is tall and well built with a battle-worn look to him. One of his brown eyes is scarred over, and his face has a rigid, somewhat angular structure to it and he looks much older than he really is. It isn’t likely that one would see much of it, however, as it is almost always hidden behind a large collar and a pair of sunglasses. His black hair, greyed at the temples, is kept short near the top of his head, the rest of it reaching to about mid-back and kept in a neat ponytail.

Over black pants and leather armor, Auron can almost always be seen wearing his red coat, one arm kept out of the sleeve and folded to rest inside, which is made possible by a large belt worn outside of the coat. Covering the other arm is a leather gauntlet and attached to the belt by a string of colorful beads is a ceramic jug likely containing some sort of Spiran alcohol.

Personality: If you can manage to get a conversation out of Auron for more than a few minutes, you can consider yourself a lucky person. He’s a stoic, quiet man, and will keep his statements short and almost clipped. This can make him seem rather cold and intimidating, especially when coupled with his appearance. This is no accident. Auron prefers to keep any feelings he may have on the inside if he can help it, hence the sunglasses and collar, and it takes a long time of knowing him for him to open up in any way.

Auron harbors a fair amount of guilt when it comes to Braska’s pilgrimage, particularly the fact that he allowed Braska to complete the Final Summoning, killing one friend and dooming the other to become Sin for the next two years. He has become bitter and distrusting over the years due to the experience and the way the Yevon religion covered the events up. He’s more likely to be suspicious of the motives of others than most if not just pessimistic.

While it rarely shows, Auron is capable of a sense of humor, though it’s often dry and sarcastic.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: The fact that Auron remains in this world after his death is a prime example of his nigh-indomitable will. Once he decides that he is going to do something, he will make sure that it is done, whether that is a promise to his friends or a task he has given to himself.

After all he has experienced, it takes a lot to startle Auron. He’s able to keep a cool head in most situations—especially in battle—helping him to plan his next move. On top of that, he has military training as well as considerable strength, able to wield his incredibly large katana, the Masamune, with ease.

While he isn’t able to use much magic (except maybe for some fire magic, though that’s only seen in one of his Overdrives), Auron is capable of using four “Break” attacks, Power Break, Armor Break, Magic Break, and Mental Break, which—in order—hinder the opponents’ attack power, defensive power, magic power, and magic defense.

Auron is also capable of using four different Overdrives, each one increasing in strength: Dragon Fang, Shooting Star, Banishing Blade, and Tornado. The first and last are capable of hitting large groups of enemies, the former causing a small explosion from the ground and the latter creating a large tornado (sometimes with fire, though if I remember correctly it doesn’t hit for elemental damage). Shooting Star can only hit one enemy, but it allows Auron to hit with enough force to send even some of the largest enemies in the game flying. Finally, Banishing Blade causes damage, but also inflicts every Break status. Though they come with a great amount of power, these attacks will leave Auron very tired, and it will take him some time to recover and attack again. As such, they are generally used to finish off an enemy or when in a dangerous situation. Some of them, like Banishing Blade, will probably not be used if Auron is alone, due to the cons of its use outweighing the pros.

Auron’s greatest asset, however, is his Unsent state. Because he is dead, he can’t die again and can therefore take a good amount of punishment (Seymour, for example, is stabbed in the heart with Kimahri’s spear during the game and doesn’t flinch).

Weaknesses: Auron has a habit of giving out advice, whether it's wanted or not. This doesn’t seem like much of a weakness until you get into how he gives his advice. Auron doesn’t sugar-coat the truth and is extremely blunt. While some may need it, it’s more likely that it, combined with the rest of Auron’s aloof persona, will alienate him from people.

On that note, Auron often keeps people at a distance, leaving him to face things alone rather than with help. It takes him a long time to warm up to people—even longer when one considers that he doesn’t go out of his way to make conversations with other people. More often than not, it will take someone else to make the first move in conversation.

As much of an asset as Auron’s deadness is, it is also a great weakness. While not reckless by any means, Auron, knowing that he is already dead, has no problem with tossing himself into the midst of danger or into harm’s way. And while Auron cannot die again, if he takes too much damage he may lose concentration and dissipate into the pyreflies that make up his body. It takes a considerable amount of concentration and will to reform himself and while not likely, if he was to be sent by one of Spira’s summoners while weakened enough, he would not be able to come back.

Also, Auron is blind on his right side and due to the weight of his katana, he is both slow to attack and not as accurate as one wielding a smaller sword might be.

History: Auron spent the majority of his young life training in Bevelle with the Warrior Monks—what could be considered Spira’s army. He rose quickly in the ranks, and was likely to get a position as a maester (Spira’s rulers), but he soon became ostracized by the Yevon church (which ruled Spira) after he refused the hand of the high priest’s daughter.

Shortly after that incident, he became guardian to his friend Braska, who was going to leave Bevelle as a summoner to fight Sin, a huge, water-dwelling monster that had been wreaking havoc on Spira for the past millennium. Before they left the city, however, Braska took them on a detour to the jail, where a drunkard of a man claiming to be from the ancient, ruined, holy city of Zanarkand was being held. He didn’t seem to believe that Zanarkand had been destroyed, and for whatever reason, Braska made this man, Jecht, his guardian.

For much of Braska’s pilgrimage, Jecht and Auron didn’t get along at all. As time went on, however, the two became close friends as Jecht himself began to change. However, they eventually reached the end of the journey, the ruins of Zanarkand. Jecht’s hopes of returning home were crushed, and Auron was filled with trepidation as he realized that he had come to the point where Braska would receive the Final Aeon, dying after he would beat Sin with it.

There was a catch to receive the aeon, however. One of the summoner’s guardians would have to sacrifice themselves to become the fayth (the willingly given soul of a person, trapped in stone and forced to dream of the aeons for the summoners for all eternity). Jecht, wanting to do something meaningful with his life and convinced that he could never return home, decided to become the fayth. Auron protested, but Jecht’s and Braska’s wills were set.

Braska ended up defeating Sin, dying from the use of the Final Aeon. Jecht received a far worse fate. Every Final Aeon that was used against Sin became the core for the next Sin, a fact hidden from everyone in Spira by the Church of Yevon. The Calm, the period of peace, that Braska had worked so hard to bring was nothing more than a waiting period while Sin was reformed.

Auron learned all of this from Yunalesca, the first summoner in Spira, who waited to aid summoners in receiving the Final Aeon in Zanarkand, after seeking answers for Jecht and Braska’s deaths. In a blind rage, he rushed at the unsent to get revenge for his fallen friends and ended up mortally wounded.

Still, due to a promise he made to Braska to get Yuna (Braska’s daughter) to the village of Besaid, and another promise to Jecht to watch over Tidus (Braska’s son), Auron clung to life, making his way as far as he could with his injuries. Knowing that he was going to die, Auron entrusted a ronso named Kimahri to take Yuna to Besaid before continuing on. Auron made it as far as the Calm Lands before his strength gave out. An Al Bhed man named Rin found him and attempted to treat his wounds, but Auron died during the night.

As Auron still had promises to keep, he stayed behind on Spira as an unsent, searching for Jecht in hopes that Sin could take him to the other Zanarkand. Auron reached his destination and took care of Tidus for the next ten years.

It was after that ten years was over that Jecht returned (still as Sin), wanting to take Tidus to Spira. Auron aided his friend in this, but before he could end up in Spira as well, he ended up in another world.

After some time in Paixao, however, Auron managed to go back to the Farplane… and now I’m being an ass and bringing him back here. 8D
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